Episode 11

₿HS011: Kalani and Tyler Address a Gap for Homeschoolers with Haskel Academy


Finding local resources to supplement a homeschooling curriculum is a continuous challenge.  Haskel Academy creates a marketplace to close that gap and link parents with service providers of all types.  Kalani and Tyler describe their background and motivation to found this non-profit organization.


  • Tyler was homeschooled for the entire K-12
  • Kalani was public-schooled but had parents who naturally supplemented her education
  • Two of her sisters because elementary teachers but decided to stay home to educate their own children 
  • Part of their inspiration came from their background and thinking about their own son’s education
  • Kalani and Tyler questioned why there wasn’t a centralized hub to locate quality teachers
  • COVID brought a lot of things going on (and not going on) in public schools to light
  • Comparing co-op type of experiences to crowd-sourcing or a la carte education
  • It’s a two-fold mission.  It’s mutually beneficial for the families and the educators.
  • They have virtual profiles on Haskel Academy but their main focus is on in-person interactions
  • Many co-ops are religiously-oriented which can make the challenge of finding teachers more challenging for people of different faiths
  • Challenge for everyone, if you have something you’re passionate about to teach others
  • “Edupreneur” …  someone who creates a business or organization that helps educate
  • Easy to say but hard to do … It takes passion to put in the work to start up a new organization or movement
  • The concept of Haskell Academy is it's a place where teachers, co ops, micro schools, clubs, sports teams, anyone serving those out of the traditional school system market. can go online and create a free profile 
  • A grant from Vela Ed helped them upgrade their website
  • Haskel Academy is free and educators have control over their own profiles
  • Hopeful to become especially helpful for families with kids with special needs
  • Homeschooling is also about giving.  Kalani has a full time job but teaches Spanish, her passion, on the side through her profile on their website
  • If you’re a Bitcoin homeschooler, you already have knowledge that you too can share
  • One of the benefits of Haskel Academy is that it skips the gatekeepers, e.g., at co-ops, who may block teaching sound money or Bitcoin


Haskel Academy

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