Episode 26

₿HS026: The Lords Have Spoken ... about Homeschooling


Jim Lord and Gabe Lord share their respective generational perspectives on being on the leading edge of homeschooling in the 1980’s.  Both are Bitcoiners.  Both are veterans.  Listen to how the values of all these areas are intertwined.  


  • Perspective of 2 generations:  military family pioneering homeschooling in the 80’s.
  • In this case, it was the Dad who oranged-pilled his son.
  • Both bringing Bitcoin to veterans through Operation Bitcoin
  • There are many correlations between veterans, Bitcoiners and homeschoolers.
  • How Jim Lord and his fellow homeschooling parents responded to uniformed law enforcement serving them a subpoena for educational child neglect
  • The government does NOT love you
  • States receive stipends from the federal government for military dependents attending public school.  This creates unhealthly monetary incentives for the states to act against homeschooling parents.
  • Government officials are typically cowards
  • Testimony of how advanced students can get poor grades because they are artificially slowed down with standardized curriculum.  Smart students are bored out of their minds.
  • Holding kids back emotionally and/or academically, e.g., because of financial incentives, is disturbing and the reason why taking self-custody of education is so critical.
  • Bad things happen when good people don’t stand up.  But not everyone has resources to make a stand.
  • Support is difficult to find because of trends, e.g. families living far away from relatives, and the need for double-income households. 
  • Even if you don’t have kids yet, you can start to build support groups, e.g., veterans, homeschoolers, Bitcoiners, church, etc., early.  If you are not already part of one, then start reaching out to find/build one.
  • Contrasting the experiences of the “worst” and “best” public school districts.
  • Parent-child relations are so, so important.  Gabe and his Dad, Jim, exemplify how homeschooling fosters strong bonds.  And now Gabe is passing this onto his family, with his children.
  • Even when both parents must work to the support the family, that does not mean they don’t have opportunities to bond and teach their children, e.g., Gabe and his daughter doing their own podcast.  
  • Reading to your kids when they babies, young kids can really contribute to the parent-child bond.  Make time for reading to and with your kids.
  • Parents are human too.  You make mistakes.  It’s expected and okay.  
  • Homeschooling allows older children to teach younger children.  This helps both those who teach, those who are being taught, and the parents all benefit.  Sibling-to-sibling relationships are critical just like parent-child relationships.
  • When kids explain ideas to other kids, the teaching-child learns better.  And they increase their confidence as well.
  • Homeschooling is 100% okay in the US military.  Search on the HSLDA website for information.  Schools on military bases are plagued by the same challenges and issues facing all other public schools.
  • As a kid, Gabe sold donuts door-to-door to pay for books and other materials used in their homeschool curriculum.  This is part of how Jim taught their children about money, through experience.
  • Kids are always watching you.  They learn from what’s caught more than what’s taught.
  • Things are more challenging today for kids to earn money.  You can’t just send them into the street.
  • It never really ends.  Learning for both parents and their kids continues throughout life.  
  • Nothing matters more than displaying your character on this journey.



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