Episode 22

₿HS022: Youth Financial Empowerment

SHOW TOPICS:  money-literacy for teens, helping homeschoolers become bitcoiners

Tali and Scott finally talk about a project that’s been a year in the making.  They explain details about their new online course to help homeschooling parents and their teens take their first steps towards Bitcoin.  “Youth Financial Empowerment” is about how money works.  It’s 20+ years of homeschooling plus Bitcoin in a condensed format busy parents can use to help their teens – without having to spend hundreds or thousands of hours researching.

The founding classes offered this summer are $200 off.  It’s not just for homeschooling families, it’s for all families.  


  • Inspiration driving Tali and Scott to help homeschoolers move towards Bitcoin
  • They want to help find the signal amongst so much noise about what money is and why it’s broken
  • Common feeling parents have is nervousness about what the broken fiat money system means for their children’s future
  • For the first time in generations, majority of parents do not expect their children’s future to be brighter than their own
  • Bitcoiners connect with the ideas of self-custody education and separation of church and state quickly. 
  • But going the other direction is more challenging, hence the expression “homeschoolers are bitcoiners who don’t know it yet”
  • The Free Market Kids course “Youth Financial Empowerment” addresses the latter challenge.
  • But the course is valuable, regardless whether you homeschool or not, regardless whether you’re Bitcoiners or not
  • You can’t budget your way to prosperity.  Wages do not keep up with real inflation.
  • The course offers value because it takes from Scott and Tali’s 20+ years of homeschooling plus what they’ve learned studying Bitcoin, and condenses the material into a format busy parents can use to help their teens – without having to spend hundreds or thousands of hours researching.
  • Scott and Tali and exhibiting in person at a homeschooling conference in just over a month from the time of recording
  • The structure is a 5-day bootcamp consisting of 10 modules.  It’s Austrian economics centric.
  • The course design will go through an iterative process similar to when play testing and designing games
  • The intent is for teens to walk away with tools, e.g., frameworks, and knowledge that will help them understand the world around them better, and to help them make better decisions.
  • “Don’t trust. Verify” is another example of useful frameworks that will help teens, e.g., misleading election year propaganda. 
  • Game elements will be part of how to make the course more interesting and effective, e.g., the negation, pricing-mechanism game “Is That The Best You Can Do?”
  • The first three live sessions offered in June are the “founding classes” and are $200 off
  • Lesson learned from homeschooling: sometimes the message needs to come from someone other than you, the parent.
  • Lesson learned from homeschooling: it is valuable for you, as the parent, to find a resource where someone else has gone through all the messy noise, done the hundreds of hours of research, found the signal, and packed it up concisely to teach your kids.



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Tali Lindberg

Hey there, wonderful listeners! I'm Tali, and I'm so excited to welcome you to our podcast today. For two decades, I was knee-deep in the incredible journey of homeschooling my four amazing kids. It was a world of boundless creativity, filled with lesson plans, school projects, sports, and beautiful chaos. But when my children all graduated, a brand-new, unforeseen adventure awaited me - the captivating world of Bitcoin.

It took three years for Scott to bring me into Bitcoin. I hesitated at first, Bitcoin's intricacies seemed daunting, and my plate was already quite full. But he persisted, going so far as to create a fantastic bitcoin-mining board game called HODL UP to demystify it all. Before I knew it, I was down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Just like my homeschooling journey, I took it one step at a time, learning and evolving as I ventured further.

Now, here we are today, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of the vibrant Bitcoin community. In an unexpected twist, my husband Scott and I realized that our homeschooling experiences can be a treasure trove of insights for Bitcoiners who, like us, want to take charge of their children's education. So, in addition to sharing our Bitcoin knowledge with Precoiners with HODL UP and the Orange Hatter podcast, we're here to offer tips and guidance for Bitcoin-homeschoolers. It's going to be an incredible journey, and I can't wait to share it with all of you. Enjoy the ride!
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Scott Lindberg

Scott Lindberg is a freedom-loving entrepreneur, author, and game designer. He is a proponent of finding freedom by taking self-custody of education, money and speech.

He and his wife, Tali, co-founded Free Market Kids. Their passion is to give the next generation the knowledge and tools to maximize their chances for freedom, success and happiness. Free Market Kids makes it easy and fun to introduce money concepts to kids through tabletop games, courses, lesson plans and trusted resources. They are best known for HODL UP™, a Bitcoin mining game.

Scott graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering. In 2001, he graduated Yale’s School of Management with a Master of Business Administration.